TRAIL RUN – Dwellingup

Entries for Dwellingup Trail run are HERE and also on the “Registration” link.


The Dwellingup Trail Run powered by Shotz in conjunction with the Single Track Minds and Secret Rocky Trail Runners.

After the success of last years Dwellingup trail run the event is back by popular demand.  With three distances to choose from there is sure to be an event to suit you.  Running around the historic logging town of Dwellingup, through the beautiful Jarrah forests and along the iconic Bibbulmun Track the event is a must for beginners and avid runners alike.  With 6km, 10km and 21.1k distances

Run in conjunction with the 10th year of the WA 100 Mountain Bike Classic the event village at the Dwellingup Oval will be a hub of excitement.


NB: Start time All three runs will start at 1 pm

  • Course descriptions:

21 km Boxer – The half marathon showcases the best the area has to offer.  The Bibbulmun Track south of Dwellingup offers some of the most stunning terrain add to that the challenge of “Big Bertha” and this is the perfect challenge for the avid runner.  The course offers a mixture of gravel road, fire trail and single track.

10 km Wallaby – Running south out of town the Wallaby offers a great mixture of gravel road, fire trail and the Bibbulmun Track through the Nanga Forest.

6 km Joey – skirting the edge of town the Joey gives a great opportunity to experience the beautiful native landscape without the physical demands of the longer distances.

NB: all distances are close to advertised, but not exact to the metre and will vary from measuring device to device.

  • Categories:

21 km Boxer:  16-19, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

10 km Wallaby: 15-19, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

6 km Joey: 10-15, 16-19, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

  • Entry Fees:

21 km Boxer                $75                              Minimum age 16

10 km Wallaby            $50                              Minimum age 15

6 km Joey                    $30                              Minimum age 10

  •  Prize Money:

Prize Money will be offered for the first 3 outright male and female runners in the 21.1km Boxer.

1st Place $250

2nd Place $150

3rd Place $100

  • Timing

Electronic timing will be provided by Blue Chip Timing.  Your timing chip is on the back of your race bib.  It is imperative that you wear your bib on the front of you either on a race belt or pinned to our shirt.

  • Parking – gold coin donation
  • Aid stations – powered by Shotz

There will be aid stations on al three run courses.  Runners should not rely soley on these stations for hydration.  Each station will have water and Shotz Electrolyte

  • Leave no trace

one of the beauties of running in the bush is being in the pristine landscape.  You must take out everything you take in.  Anyone seen littering will be disqualified

  • First aid

In conjunction with the WA 100 Mountain Bike Classic we will have a comprehensive first aid presence at the event.  We will have 3 St John’s volunteer ambulances as well as advanced care paramedics.  We take participant care seriously and wll work closely with our course marshals to look after everyone as well as we can.  If you see any one in distress please stop and stay with them while sending one person to get help.  Never leave an injured runner.

  • Markings

The course is clearly marked by arrows at ground level and will be marshalled at critical points.  If  any point you get to a trail intersection with no marking please retrace our steps to the last known arrow.  We will have a lead rider ahead of the 21 km event who will be the same person who has marked the course.

  • Road crossings

There are two road crossings and these will be controlled by professional traffic management and race marshals.  Please obey al instructions.  While we will make every effort to stop all cars to give you right of way you may have to stop.  ANY ONE who disobeys these instructions will be disqualified.


The rules for the event are pretty simple and are designed around making sure everyone has a great time

  • Have fun
  • Follow the marked course and don’t take any short cuts
  • leave no trace/don’t litter
  • Stop for injured runners
  • No head phones (its ant social)
  • Wear your race number bib/plate – this is your timing device
  • Don’t use performance enhancing drugs
  • Have fun

Entries close on WEDNESDAY 15 August.

There are NO late entries sorry.